✨ Matchmaking Algorithm

Win takes competitions & matchmaking very seriously. For that reason, Win uses proprietary algorithms to make sure players are matched based on their skill, level & match history in a fair manner. There are two matching models:

  • Asynchronous gameplay: players compete against each other using play-and-compare, a tournament where they compete individually, and the highest score wins. This model allows players to compete in multiple tournaments simultaneously without waiting to be matched against another player.

  • Synchronous gameplay: players compete against each other in real-time. If one player leaves the match, the other one wins.

βš”οΈ Tournament Modes

The Win platform offers different tournament modes through which players can compete against each other:


The classic mode where two players get matched against each other. The match ends when both players have submitted the score.

Multiplayer Tournament

Tournaments are competitions that span over a short period where multiple opponents compete over a prize. When the timer ends, the player with the highest score wins.

Tiered Leagues (available in ~Q4 2022)

League play provides an even more engaging social and competitive gameplay experience where players compete over multiple matches. The winners of each match play against each other until there is only one winner.

πŸ’° Tournament Prizes

Unlike head-to-head tournaments, multiplayer & tiered league tournaments come with allocated prize pools equal to a % of the treasury when the tournament starts.

πŸƒ Tournament Passes

Enrolling in specific tournaments will require players to have a Tournament Pass of a particular level based on the total pot of the tournament they're joining. Higher rewarding events will need a tournament pass of a superior level.

Every month, a set number of players will become eligible to receive free tournament passes based on Staking Rewards. The Win Platform will mint and transfer these as collectibles (NFTs) to the users.

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