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Hero Tags

History only remembers one in a thousand, but Heroes are not meant to be forgotten. Ever. Their stories might fade in time, but their legacy lives on forever, along with their names.
In a realm where time can fly by so fast that an era can become a second, having a name that passes the test of time is crucial. This is where @Hero Tags come in.

Get Known with Your @Hero Tag

At its core, a @Hero Tag is a title by which your Hero becomes known throughout the Win Realm, but as with any other title, you have to prove you’re worthy. Your efforts will be well rewarded, though: you get your unique custom URL on a multi-million dollar domain, pointing directly to your Win profile.

Keep it Simple with a @Hero Tag

@Hero Tags are also highly functional, enabling seamless trades across the Win platform. Whether it’s $FTW transfers, trading collectibles, or anything in-between, forget about lengthy unappealing digital currency addresses - short @hero tags are all you need. Simple, right as it should be.
Not all heroes wear capes, but they all wear tags!