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Collectibles are the heart of the Win Platform's gamification system, and they are designed to take your play-to-earn experience to a whole new level. Under the hood, collectibles are Polygon-based NFTs that use the ERC-721 standard. On the outside, collectibles shape your gaming experience by adding an additional layer of earnings - you play, you earn collectibles, and you sell or trade them on the Marketplace.
Collectibles are items such as skins, weapons, badges, and anything in-between. What they all have in common is the fact that they can either be won by achieving certain milestones in your gameplay, or they can be bought using $FTW tokens. As a player, once you accrue these NFT assets, you can then choose to feature and show off your collectibles on your Win Profile page or trade them in the Marketplace for $FTW tokens.

For Developers

NFTs have been a cultural phenomenon in 2021 and Win hopes to bring NFTs to the mainstream by enabling game developers to gamify their projects and easily create and deploy NFTs by using our easy-to-use API. Our solution allows developers to grow and monetize their games by adding an additional revenue stream to their games: NFT collectibles.
Game developers have the option to add NFT collectibles either as milestone achievements in their games, thus improving gamification and user engagement, or as in-app purchases, allowing users to skip ahead of the competition by making a purchase. Either way, the implementation is simple and straightforward, as all transactions are done using Win Platform’s native token, $FTW.