Win Games

Grab an ounce of the hottest mobile gaming trend, mix it with an ever-dynamic gaming environment, enable crypto, and sprinkle purpose on top. Out comes the Win.com platform, where DeFi meets competitive gaming to create the next throughput traffic jam for any blockchain!
Win.com offers an experience for all types of players as the suite of games ranges from multiplayer snake to swipe basketball, all neatly wrapped and accessible from your mobile phone anywhere.

How it Works

Through its skill-based competitive nature, Win aims to fix the old business model where ads interrupt gameplay and in-game purchases lock users out of content while at the same time enabling casual gamers to make money from their comfort of their own home by simply playing short-lived games and being rewarded for their skill.
No matter their skill, every player can experience the excitement of gaming and the thrill of real money competitions in a fun, fast and fair environment.
How it Works

Key Features

Players will have access to a vast collection of skill-based play-to-earn games that will allow them to test their skills and earn crypto rewards in the process. Tournaments and special events will unlock opportunities for even greater earnings.

Win Realm

The Win Realm is an NFT-powered metaverse that combines the excitement of a storified level-up system with exclusive reward opportunities. Players will choose a Hero and evolve it with every round played—the mightier the Hero, the greater the rewards.
Player rewards are a core feature of the Win platform: whether it's a PvP game, a tournament, or anything in-between, the most skilled player wins instant crypto rewards. Some games also feature exclusive NFT collectibles that can be traded for crypto or kept for bragging rights.
Unlike other platforms that feature static staking rewards, Win rewards loyalty. As such, the staking rewards are directly proportional to a player's Hero level. More gameplay on the Win platform means a higher level for the Hero and a higher multiplier for the staking rewards.
We ensure liquidity provision and price appreciation by integrating a token buyback model. Instead of burning tokens, Win.com repurchases them from players, thus ensuring token availability on the market and maintaining that value.
Win.com aims to become community-driven, putting the power into players' hands. The community will decide on many issues such as new games being developed, tournament rewards, the allocation of funds, buyback policies, reward distributions, fee rates, and more.


Not your wallet, not your coins – this is one of our core beliefs. As such, our platform uses non-custodial wallets to which only the player has access to via their private keys. You have full control over your funds, assets, and Win account.

24/7 Customer Support

We can't promise that things won't go south at times, but we can promise we'll be ready to jump in and make things right. A highly skilled dedicated customer support team is available 24/7, and only one click away. No matter the issue you run into, we're here for you.
Play to Earn Games Available at Launch
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