We started with the idea that a decentralized skill-based gaming platform could create aligned incentives between developers and players. With this in mind, we started working on a blockchain-powered platform that would bring game creators around the world an out-of-the-box solution that's scalable, competitive, and allows for easy integration of a multiplayer game mode. The result is a one-stop shop that can transform almost any game into a real-money eSports game: Win SDK
The Win SDK packs all the tools you need to create, release, and scale your Web3 games on iOS, Android, and Unity, in one single package. Skip months of development work and transform any game into a multiplayer competitive experience with crypto rewards and NFTs, with just two lines of code.

Key Features

With the Win SDK, transforming any game into a play-to-earn game is as simple as integrating two lines of code. You do what you do best – create; we got your back with everything else.
The Win SDK features a complex algorithm that ensures players are always matched against players of similar skill, thus offering them a great experience.
Win.com offers a complete crypto payment processing solution using a proprietary Non-Custodial Wallet and a native platform-wide currency: $FTW.
Rewards sit at the core of play-to-earn games, so we came up with a solution to maximize them by developing a level-based loyalty system that adds an additional layer of gamification to the mix.
All good decisions start with good data; that's why we're offering a complex dashboard with real-time data and analytics. Track everything important and see how your games are performing in one place.

24/7 Support

At Win, we believe that customer support shouldn't be anything less than stellar. As such, we offer a dedicated 24/7 support team ready to jump in and assist your players with any issues they may encounter.
The Win Platform & Mobile SDK comes ready to support your game and abstracts away all the complexities such as user management, matchmaking, payment processing, and more, which ensures fair competition & accurate winnings. On top of that, the SDK comes with the most beautiful UI/UX ever seen — highly optimized to boost conversion and sales.
Last modified 1yr ago