🏦Ecosystem Fund

In addition to the generous reward pool allocation, the Win Platform will also rely on a sizable play to earn ecosystem fund allocation designed to attract and retain users while at the same time maintaining a thriving ecosystem.

By contrast, the Reward Pool is used for continuous rewards, which accumulate over time but decrease in their token amount.

The ecosystem fund is an allocation intended for all irregular or one-off expenses such as unique tournament prizes, airdrops, referral programs, but can also serve as a buffer to stimulate the economy in case of slowdowns and support with operating expenses. Other examples could be our play-to-earn bonus system where access to games is obtained via free β€œcoins”, but payouts are in FTW tokens taken from the fund.

The fund is under a well-defined vesting schedule, but tokens in it can be released sooner if it is necessary to support operational costs or mitigate the effects of unpredictable events (protocol exploits, a sudden drop of liquidity, etc.). The Ecosystem fund will be replenished through in-app purchases and the sales on the NFT marketplace, where 4.25% of each sale fee will be diverted to the fund. Eventually, both the Reward Pool and Ecosystem Fund should be handed over to the DAO to govern.

Use cases for ecosystem and marketing allocations:

Revenue Streams

New streams of revenue are to be introduced over time, but for now, the primary inflow comes from:

  1. Initial $FTW allocation: this allocation is vested and will unlock gradually as per Allocation & Unlock Schedule.

  2. Income generated from in-game purchases

  3. The Win Marketplace contributes with a fixed percentage from every sale.

For a visual representation of how the Ecosystem Fund works, have a look at the Token Economy.

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