🦸Hero Staking

Staking is one of the most popular mechanics for generating a passive income in the crypto gaming world. The Win Platform adds a twist to the classic staking model by combining NFTs & player levels into the staking rewards.

A portion of the Reward Pool goes to play-to-earn rewards incentivizing players for their skill and level.

How does it work?

As a new player on the platform, you start at level 1 with a basic PFP-style NFT and no unique attributes. As you progress, you will accrue experience points (known as might points) and eventually level up, reflecting on your Hero NFT and gaining individual staking boosts.

All users can stake FTW tokens on the Win Platform and receive a portion of the daily rewards where the distribution is pro-rata based on the Staking Power.

In order for users to be eligible for individual boosts, they must reach level 20.

Staking Power

The formula for calculating individual boosts to staking yield is as follows:

Sp=TsΓ—LΓ—MS{p}=T{s}\times L\times M


SpSp β€” Staking Power

TsTs β€” Number of tokens staked

LL β€” Level of the player's NFT Hero

MM β€” Multiplier for duration of staking in weeks


If a player has staked 100 FTW tokens for a predefined duration of 24 weeks (M=2) at lvl20, this becomes:

Sp=TsΓ—LΓ—MS{p}=T{s}\times L\times M
Sp=100Γ—20Γ—2S{p}=100\times 20\times 2

If a player stakes for no predefined condition, their multiplier M is always 1. Those who stake for a predefined duration have the multiplier value (M) determined by the following formula:

M=1+0.08Γ—W0.8M=1+0.08\times W^{0.8}


WWβ€” the number of weeks chosen to stake FTW tokens

Tokens locked for a predefined period of time cannot be unlocked prematurely without a penalty. The penalty consists of slashing a portion of the reward tokens proportional to the remaining duration, e.g. if User A stakes for 10 weeks, but decides to unstake his assets at week 5, they will lose 50% of all rewards accumulated thus far.

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