Win.com: Play-to-Earn Gaming Infrastructure for Web3
Win is a play-to-earn mobile gaming platform powered by the blockchain that enables players to compete in skill-based games. The core component is the Win SDK, which allows developers to instantly deploy crypto rewards into any mobile game with just two lines of code to transform it into a competitive multiplayer experience for Web3.
Win.com Ecosystem
The Win Platform includes all the key features game creators need in order to tremendously cut down development time and cost for their games:
eSports Platform: on-chain Web3 gaming infrastructure with competitive multiplayer games, NFTs and crypto rewards
Win DeFi Wallet: a proprietary wallet solution for crypto rewards, tokens, and NFTs, which enables instant on-chain settlements with zero confirmation time for transactions;
$FTW Token: proprietary token, $FTW (For The Win) is usable across all Win-powered games, Marketplace, staking, and more;
Marketplace: the go-to place to buy, sell or trade NFT collectibles and other in-game items for $FTW tokens;
Staking: NFT-based level-up system that enables increased earnings through staking crypto and providing liquidity directly within the Win DeFi Wallet;

🚀 Our Mission

The ethos of gaming has grown more imbalanced, favoring those who pay to win rather than build up skill. Simultaneously, game developers struggle to integrate crypto rewards & NFTs within their games, and have a hard time reaching breakthrough success and generating profit for their products that would enable them to create long-term sustainable businesses.
Our mission is to create aligned incentives between game developers and players by enabling crypto rewards and NFTs in any game with two lines of code, thus becoming the ultimate play-to-earn Gaming Infrastructure for Web3.

✨ Evaluating the Opportunity

Gaming is the largest entertainment industry, with ~$176bn in revenue in 2021 alone, with mobile games accounting for roughly 52% of the global market. At the same time, the NFT market skyrocketed from just under $100million in 2020 to over $25bn in 2021. Put these industries together, and you get the foundation of the play-to-earn gaming model, the latest paradigm in gaming that combines DeFi with entertainment to create a game genre that allows players to monetize their time and skills.
Our platform empowers game creators worldwide to tap into this lucrative industry and add value to the entire Web3 ecosystem, all while unlocking additional revenue streams for themselves and their audience.

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