Win Realm

Win Realm is an enchanted land with a rich history, a richer variety of inhabitants, and a whole lot of mystery surrounding it.
According to the Ancestral Fire of Life, all Heroes of the Win Realm have their roots within The Great Three, a popular eponym for the three early origins that ruled the lands: Paios, Miger, and Bere.
The Migers are lovers of the lands, nature, and everything alive. They believe in universal peace and cohabitation, and they avoid confrontations at all costs. However, when cornered, they can become quite unpredictable.
The Paios are renowned for their mastery of the dark arts. Their origins are not known, but most agree that they are from far places and times. The Paios strongly believe that they are the superior race, and that they will once rule all lands.
The Bere are haughty and fearless, a combination that often gets them in trouble. They’re also highly skilled in combat and resourceful, so most times they emerge victorious. The Migers are curious explorers, always seeking to fill their thirst for adventure and superiority.
As time passed, The Great Three evolved to feature twelve different classes each, all unique in their looks and traits, and specialized in certain skills, making for a variety of Heroes roaming the Win Realm.
One day, the Ancestral Fire of Life, the life-giving force of the land, went out - an event that hasn’t happened in known eras. Heroes of all origins gathered around, trying to decipher the reason that could have led to this change. As they were all there, the Ancestral Fire of Life sparked back to life, with a bright purple flame.
A new epoch was beginning.