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Token Utility

The FTW token allows holders to unlock exclusive games, events and services. Through the token, users will be able to participate in governance and vote on the direction of the Platform and its economic policies. In the future, other currencies may be added alongside FTW, but discounts will be offered to those holding the FTW token.
Entry Fees
Players will need $FTW tokens for in-game transfers and for joining skill-based tournaments within the Ecosystem.
Prizes & Rewards
Rewards and winnings are paid out across games in $FTW tokens.
NFT Collectibles
$FTW tokens can be used to mint NFT collectibles.
Hero Staking
Win adds a twist to the classic staking model by combining NFTs & player levels into the staking rewards.
Token Staking
Incentivize $FTW token holders users with additional rewards for providing liquidity on the AMM markets for the $FTW token.
DAO & Governance
$FTW Token holders will participate in decisions about the economic policies and platform evolution.
Buyback & LP
$FTW Tokens will be provided as liquidity on the main AMM markets and the resulting LP tokens are locked in a multisig wallet.
Players will need $FTW tokens to trade items on the marketplace such as collectible NFTs & Heroes.
$FTW is a tool for third-party developers to participate in the ecosystem by incorporating $FTW into services, games, and other projects.