The Win Platform follows a model dubbed Play to Earn. Players are rewarded through active & passive gameplay via its reward pool. The exact actions and the actual amounts will be up for governance eventually; however, the initial set of rewarded actions are:

  • Token Staking β€” 30% of daily rewards

    • Provide liquidity for the FTW/USDC pair on SushiSwap (for the Polygon network) and stake the resulting SLP tokens

  • Hero Staking β€” 50% of daily rewards

    • Stakers of FTW tokens β€” proportionally distributed based on staking power

  • System governance - 20% of daily rewards

    • Participate in system governance

Rewards are paid out from the Treasury in $FTW Tokens

Reward Distribution

The rewards will be distributed daily from a fixed supply reward pool and based on the pool's outstanding tokens. For example, 0.10% of the outstanding tokens in the pool would be distributed daily between all groups of people eligible for rewards (the exact percentage allocation, to be determined later). The above setup means that:

  • The reward pool can never be depleted since the rewards are always distributed as a percentage of the outstanding tokens in the pool.

  • The rewards get less and less over time (Bitcoin style), but the net USD value of the rewards might increase in case the price of the FTW token increases.

  • This rewards mechanism provides capped inflation and is compatible with fixed supply tokens (as opposed to perpetual inflation)

Reward Scheme Formula

The rewards will be distributed based on the following formula:


$R_{D%}$ β€” is the % allocation of the daily reward for user X

$C_{x}$ β€” is the contribution of user X for the particular full day

$\sum_{1}^{n}{C_{1}...C_{n}}$ β€” is the sum of the contributions for all the users in the system for this particular full day


Let's say the rewards we have to distribute for stakers the day are 1000 FTW tokens.

  1. User A has contributed 10 staked tokens

  2. User B & User C have each contributed 30 tokens

  3. User D & User F have each contributed 15 tokens as well

We'll calculate the rewards for each user:

So User A deserves 1/10th of the pool or 10% of 1000 tokens. This makes their daily reward 100 tokens.

Users B & C will each get 30% of the pool equal to 300 tokens each.

Users D & F will get 15% of the pool or 150 tokens each.

This amounts to a total of 1000 FTW tokens distributed as per the reward allocation that day.

The rewards distribution will be as follows (as cumulative % of all tokens in the reward pool):

Available Rewards

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