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Heroes NFT

Heroes of the Win Realm

Heroes of the Win Realm

We all know them. We’ve heard countless stories depicting their quests, their acts of bravery, and their victories. For a Hero, no journey is too long, and no goal is too great - a Hero always proves their worth and emerges victorious, even under the most difficult of circumstances.
Yet we never knew their origins.
Or how they got their might.
Or that we could become one of them.


At their core, Heroes of the Win Realm are Polygon-based NFTs (ERC-721) that you take true ownership of. Coming from three ancient origins: Paios, Miger, and Bere, and featuring 12 different classes each, all unique in their looks and traits, all Heroes of the Win Realm are minted with one ultimate purpose - to grant you the ultimate Play to Earn experience.

Great Heroes, Greater Rewards

Heroes of the Win Realm offer you an immersive experience packed with colossal rewards. By combining a skill-based level-up system with staking rewards and a vast collection of unique NFT collectibles, Win redefines the Play to Earn concept to Play to Win.

Unique Heroes

With 3 origins and 12 classes under each, Heroes are unique right from the start. Special traits will define their rarity, which will unlock greater opportunities along the way, such as unique NFT collectibles.

Level Up System

Every action you take within the Win Realm will bring you might points, which define your Hero’s level. The mightier a Hero becomes, the more opportunities it will unlock, such as:
  • Increased staking rewards
  • Access to special tournaments
  • Unique NFT collectibles which you can trade or sell for crypto

Gamified Experience

The Win Realm will uncover countless other treasures and opportunities for the fearless and bold, such as unique staking events, single-player quests, PvP Tournaments, and much more.

A Hero Rises

History only tells us this much, though, and prophecies of what is to come have not yet been deciphered. Here’s where you come in: your quest is to raise a Hero so mighty that it will write a story worthy of lasting through the times to come.
Remember: Heroes are made, not born.